part of an ammonite fossil wall mosaic

Rhythm ‘n’ Tesserae

So, the last two weeks, I have had a skilled mosaic artist helping me complete my large Ammonite fossil wall mosaic.  We are not finished yet, but we’re almost there. Those of you who have not made mosaics before might be surprised to know that copying another

What Do You See When You Look at a Wall?

A wall.  A looooong, blank, cement wall. My current art commission clients looked at the plans for their new retaining wall and they saw it covered in mosaic.  LUCKY ME!  They bestowed the design-and-creation job on me. When they saw their wall in their minds’-eyes, they

Hey, Lookit This!

The Nipper Buddy My two “trigger fingers”- swollen joints from long-term use of tile nippers- have been a problem for several years.  But now, the problem has worked its way up my arm and into my elbow. In addition to doing my e-cises, as prescribed by my Pain Free
Broken pieces mosaic by Lynn Bridge

It’s a Process

Flower Fractures If you have taken a workshop with the internationally-known Israeli mosaic artist, Ilana Shafir, you will know exactly what this mosaic is.  Yes, I started it in her 2-day workshop at the 2011 Society of American Mosaic Artists conference in Austin, Texas.  The
door to stop #103 on 2013 West Austin Studio Tour

Looking Back

The past two weekends were open-house weekends for Glencliff Art Studio, which was stop #103 on the 2013 WEST Austin Studio Tour.  Dianne Sonnenberg and I, along with family and friends who helped, hosted a studio tour and a gallery tour of our mosaics and paintings.  For those
mosaic fine art sculpture in progress by Lynn Bridge

It Might Be Time to Panic

Mad Bed – a work in progress about 24″ x 24″ x 8″ I started this sculpture two years ago in a workshop taught by Sherri Warner Hunter.  She is a master at sculpture based on closed-cell Styrofoam covered with fiberglass mesh and cement. Arriving at the
  • boy and dog mosaic by Lynn Bridge

Boy and Dog for Dell Wall

Yesterday I showed you my false starts, forward progress, and completion of one piece I did for the new Dell Children’s Medical Center wall.  Now, I shall show you the same on my next piece. The mosaic of the girl and a dog is 12″ x 12″.  The boy and dog is only

Matisse, But Not Matisse

Well, Hello, Little Fella by Lynn Bridge My latest commission involved mosaic techniques I had been ready to try out, but hadn’t had a pressing reason to start.  When the clients said that they wanted a mosaic in the spirit of Matisse’s Blue Nudes,or his Goldfish

Teaching Art

Not only am I having my first experiences teaching adults, but I’m also brand-new to teaching art. I have had decades to practice art, to experience being a student, and to think about the many subjects within the category ‘art’, but teaching is a novelty for

A Recipe for Mosaic Packing

Go visit your favorite home-improvement store and buy a couple of cans of spray foam insulation. Do you have a sturdy shipping carton? Oh, well then, you need to beg, borrow, or buy one. Next, wrap your pointy, pokey, delicate mosaic in layers of kitchen plastic wrap.  Make the