stained glass

New Work for this Weekend’s Show

Artists Alliance of the Hill Country 2015 “Tour the Talent” show is April 11-12, 11 to 6 each day in and around Dripping Springs. I have been making new work for the show. Here are some examples: Please click on the link to find the map. There are lots of fine artists


So, I’m working on a new mosaic plate using the theme of ‘paleontology‘. Don’t know that this term is used much anymore- it’s so 19th Century. I love the word. It reminds me of hours in the public library, selecting my next dinosaur, fossil, or
mosaic portrait by Lynn Bridge

Thoughts on My Life as an Artist

Been doing some thinking about art lately. Oh, really?   Well, yes. Now that we’ve moved into the country. And can’t set up my new studio just yet.  Leading me to work literally between the rocks and the hard places. And then there’s the matter of taking real
stained glass cat portrait by Lynn Bridge


Mittens 7″ x 5″ stained glass portrait Tomorrow I am delivering this little cat portrait to its bereaved collector.  When the portrait was commissioned, the beloved cat was ill, but now the cat has ‘passed over the rainbow bridge’, so I’m sure it
mosaic art portrait by Lynn Bridge

Mosaic Portraits

I have shown you some of my mosaic portraits before, but I have three new ones to post. Jamal Copyright Lynn Bridge  Allow me to introduce you to Jamal, a 3-dimensional mosaic about 10″ x 10″ x 4″, that hangs on a wall.  I made the face using black powdered
Mosaic art table made by Lynn Bridge

Planet Table Ready to Ship

Planet-themed table top by Lynn Bridge After my spouse built the sturdy, hollow-topped coffee table, I planned the mosaic finish.  In 2 feet by 4 feet, I wanted to give a flavor of vast space, not to mention, exciting color. Several times, in a darkened room, I set up balls of


  The planet-themed tabletop is completely glued now, and I’ve been contemplating grout colors.  Since this is a table that will be used heavily, I plan to use epoxy grout, which dries hard as a rock, is impervious to liquid, and never needs sealing.  My color scheme

Hey, Lookit This!

The Nipper Buddy My two “trigger fingers”- swollen joints from long-term use of tile nippers- have been a problem for several years.  But now, the problem has worked its way up my arm and into my elbow. In addition to doing my e-cises, as prescribed by my Pain Free
fine art mosaic portrait by Lynn Bridge

Shipping Spiky Things

Three of my mosaic portraits were juried into the 2013 Christians in the Visual Arts “JUSTart Conference” show.  Yaaaay!  Those same three pieces, those same three spiky pieces, those same three spiky glass pieces would need to be shipped across the country and arrive

Austin Mosaic Guild is Alive and Well

On Saturday morning at 8 a.m., Bob and I were at Kruger’s Diamond Jewelers in downtown Austin, ready to take down the previous mosaic show window, and mount the next show.   Bob is standing just inside the door of the store which has been in this location since the