mosaic portrait by Lynn Bridge

Thoughts on My Life as an Artist

Been doing some thinking about art lately. Oh, really?   Well, yes. Now that we’ve moved into the country. And can’t set up my new studio just yet.  Leading me to work literally between the rocks and the hard places. And then there’s the matter of taking real
Mosaic art portrait made from found objects by Lynn Bridge in Austin, Texas

The Gift of Life

With a cliché title like that, this post could be about anything, right?  Blood donation? A pro-life political rally? Gratitude?  Nope.  It’s about portraiture. Next time you are conversing with a friend, observe all that makes that person unique. It’s much more than
glass mosaic art portrait by Lynn Bridge

The Uplift Tribe

Hmmmm…. need to find a place at church to display these.  After all, the models were all gathered for Tuesday morning UPLIFT when I approached each one to model for my pencil and my camera. UPLIFT- University Presbyterians Living In Faith Together.  Need workboots?  We have
mosaic art portrait by Lynn Bridge

Mosaic Portraits

I have shown you some of my mosaic portraits before, but I have three new ones to post. Jamal Copyright Lynn Bridge  Allow me to introduce you to Jamal, a 3-dimensional mosaic about 10″ x 10″ x 4″, that hangs on a wall.  I made the face using black powdered
door to stop #103 on 2013 West Austin Studio Tour

Looking Back

The past two weekends were open-house weekends for Glencliff Art Studio, which was stop #103 on the 2013 WEST Austin Studio Tour.  Dianne Sonnenberg and I, along with family and friends who helped, hosted a studio tour and a gallery tour of our mosaics and paintings.  For those
pastel monochrome self-portrait sketch by Lynn Bridge

Everything at Once

Self-portrait Here is what I look like today (if I were in a monochrome world).  I did this sketch of myself looking into the mirror.  I did not spend much time on it, because I have a lot of tasks left in this day, but it captures me well enough. Since the last time I posted,

The Making of “Lillian”

Just for fun, I thought I’d show you a series of photos I took while making my latest small mosaic portrait.  You can see the forward steps and the backward steps in the process.  Sometimes I chiseled tiles off the board and substituted others.  While I was making the


The Wife of Mr. Fix-it 14″ x 11″ x 3″.  Copyright 2009 by Lynn Bridge In looking back over my posts from last fall (2009), I was surprised to see that I had written nothing about one of my personal favorite mosaics I have made.  This mosaic made of hardware from