Art as Integration of Body, Mind, and Soul

I love listening to NPR on my car radio when I’m out and about. This is how I learn stuff and how I find out about stuff to research further. I was listening to The Takeaway and heard an interview with Seymour Bernstein as pianist and music teacher and Nathan Hawke as actor
mosaic portrait by Lynn Bridge

Thoughts on My Life as an Artist

Been doing some thinking about art lately. Oh, really?   Well, yes. Now that we’ve moved into the country. And can’t set up my new studio just yet.  Leading me to work literally between the rocks and the hard places. And then there’s the matter of taking real
part of an ammonite fossil wall mosaic

Rhythm ‘n’ Tesserae

So, the last two weeks, I have had a skilled mosaic artist helping me complete my large Ammonite fossil wall mosaic.  We are not finished yet, but we’re almost there. Those of you who have not made mosaics before might be surprised to know that copying another
drawings for large mosaic art mural designed by Lynn Bridge and created by friends and members of University Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

Update on the UPC Mosaic Mural Process

This has been re-blogged from New Life from Shards. SNAP! YOU’RE A MODEL. March 6, 2014 Moving on to the third panel of “The Feeding of the 5000″ means drawing.  Lots of drawing.  Lots of erasing, too. On Tuesday, while Roberta cleaned the second panel, Jennie and I went into the

Planet Formation

The planet-themed tabletop is underway, and taking me a LONG TIME to mosaic.  But, how I’m loving inventing planets!  And, I listen to podcasts while I’m working, so the hours fly by.   I love RadioLab podcasts, and there are lots of them related to space in some way.

Beauty in Art

The second day of the CIVA conference brought questions- important questions- for any artist who examines cultural assumptions and calls them ‘lies’.  An artist who believes that a personality underlying the universe, both re-creating and re-newing it, is both

Justice in Art

A big part of the CIVA conference, entitled JUSTart,  for me, was lying in a gulley, in the rain of a thousand different ways of recognizing injustice and responding to it, and not drowning.   After spending the day drawing from life, then attending the juried CIVA show

Teaching Art

Not only am I having my first experiences teaching adults, but I’m also brand-new to teaching art. I have had decades to practice art, to experience being a student, and to think about the many subjects within the category ‘art’, but teaching is a novelty for

Teaching, Part B

To entitle sequential posts ‘Part A’ and ‘Part B’ sounds like I’m mixing epoxy, but I’m not.  I am gluing together my thoughts about the art and science of teaching, in the hope that you will share your experiences as a teacher, or your

Teaching, Part A

I spent ten happy hours this holiday weekend teaching four adults in a beginning mosaic class at Glencliff Art Studio.  I’ve spent countless hours in the classroom with 11 to 18-year-olds, but until now, zero hours teaching adults. Here are my preliminary observations- see