Now We Are Sculptors

Just wanted to give you a heads-up for something to do this weekend in addition to dining and enjoying the view at The Oasis on Lake Travis: the Texas Society of Sculptors invited The Austin Mosaic Guild to participate in this year’s Sculptfest outside the restaurant.


So, I’m working on a new mosaic plate using the theme of ‘paleontology‘. Don’t know that this term is used much anymore- it’s so 19th Century. I love the word. It reminds me of hours in the public library, selecting my next dinosaur, fossil, or
3 family members in a canoe- Lynn Bridge, mosaic artist

Cat Portrait Commissions

Before I get into my main theme, I will take a little watery detour to nearby Barton Creek.  Our eldest and her baby came for a visit in June, and here is the family in a rental canoe on a beautiful summer day.  I was running along the bank, keeping up with Bob’s paddling,
framed mosaic in blues, greens, red by Lynn Bridge

Capturing the Essence

Yesterday’s post about portraiture is a nice segue into today’s activity, which was meeting with a neighbor and fellow artist, Nina Miller, who is a portrait photographer.  She confirmed that she looks for that particular gesture or expression which is so

Still Breathing

Looking at the date on my last post, April 19, 2012, I realize how long I’ve been away from this blog.  Renovating for and moving my mosaic studio while simultaneously getting ready for the public to come through our home and new studio on this past weekend’s West