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So, I’m working on a new mosaic plate using the theme of ‘paleontology‘. Don’t know that this term is used much anymore- it’s so 19th Century. I love the word. It reminds me of hours in the public library, selecting my next dinosaur, fossil, or
mosaic portrait by Lynn Bridge

Thoughts on My Life as an Artist

Been doing some thinking about art lately. Oh, really?   Well, yes. Now that we’ve moved into the country. And can’t set up my new studio just yet.  Leading me to work literally between the rocks and the hard places. And then there’s the matter of taking real

Tadpole with Tail

Ah, the tadpole is swimming a bit! With all the gridlock in the future studio, it seemed as if all the chocolate in HEB wouldn’t be enough to fuel my organizational challenges. But, guess what? Getting one very willing husband in there with some muscle meant that together,

Living the Tadpole Stage

As some of you know, Glencliff Studio has moved down the road 18 miles to Dripping Springs, Texas. The home and studio are on several acres of lovely Texas Hill Country.  But, this move is taking a l-o-n-g time! Moving day was a month ago and we are still winnowing two
mosaic art mural being created by friends and members of University Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

The Race is ON!

This post has been re-blogged from another blog I write, “New Life from Shards” about the designing and making of a community-built mosaic mural. February 25, 2014 Although it wasn’t intentional, it does look as if all the tesserae (little tiles) will be adhered to


Almost everything in my studio now has wheels, or it glides.  For each activity- drawing, painting, cutting glass, cutting tile, mosaicking, teaching- I can quickly re-arrange my studio to fit my needs! Look at this great little pull-out my handy-dandy husband made for my bins of


  The planet-themed tabletop is completely glued now, and I’ve been contemplating grout colors.  Since this is a table that will be used heavily, I plan to use epoxy grout, which dries hard as a rock, is impervious to liquid, and never needs sealing.  My color scheme
landscape pastel by Lynn Bridge

Drawing from Experience

I need to share with you a little secret known only to those who study drawing as adults:  drawing lessons drag negative feelings out of your unaware-ness into the sunlight of your consciousness.  This is very disconcerting and discouraging for those who walk into drawing lessons

Here and There

Update on Shipping Spiky Things, which I posted several months ago:  The spiky portraits arrived safely back at my studio in Texas from the show in Illinois with not a glass shard broken!  Across the country, being uncrated and shown, being re-crated, and shipped, all without

The Drawn Figure

My days at the CIVA conference were a banquet at an overflowing table. The first day was a figure drawing workshop with Ed Knippers.  One female model in the morning, a male model in the afternoon.  During breaks, I asked each about their experiences as professional models.  This