bluefine art mosaic plate by Lynn Bridge


The ocean served up on a plate.
fin art mosaic plate by Lynn Bridge

Food Desert

A desert on a plate
red mosaic fine art plate by Lynn Bridge

Frilly Food with Seeds

"Frilly Food with Seeds" is a stand-up comic in the culinary world.
blue fine art mosaic by Lynn Bridge

Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Plate Special

"Rhythm 'n' Blues Plate Special" is a play-on-sound.
blue-themed ceramic and glass mosaic plate by Lynn Bridge

Broken Blues

"Broken Blues" is a play on the name of another mosaic plate, "Rhythm 'n' Blues Plate Special".
Mosaic art table made by Lynn Bridge

Planet Table

A planet-themed table for a space-minded couple.
Erie Canal mural by Lynn Bridge

Erie Canal

One place to park your bike is along "The Erie Canal".
mosaic portrait of a woman by Lynn Bridge

The Mosaic of Life

She contemplates the fragments of her life.