A Tour of Glencliff Studio

Last post, I promised pictures of my new mosaic studio.  I also have pictures of my adjoining painting studio.  Now you’ll want to visit, won’t you?


Well, it has finally happened- someone has made a giant dog out of archival cardboard. “Leroy” is at the Tacoma Art Museum. The whole animal is about nine feet tall. Sketch made with ArtStudio on iPad 2.

Clarence Jones Reflects On Martin Luther King Jr. : NPR

Clarence Jones Reflects On Martin Luther King Jr. : NPR. I heard this author interviewed on NPR in the car today.   I want to read his book.

Doc, What’s My Bill?

Art is therapeutic, right? It gives your eyes something to look at, your rational brain something to think about, AND that overgrown reptilian brain way down inside a focus for reaction. Autumn Fires Mirror by Lynn Bridge So now that you find yourself in the doctor’s office

Your Opinions Count!

I am in the middle of changing (IMPROVING!) my blog further, thanks to my online blog class. 1) What tools do you like to use on a blog sidebar? 2) My teacher suggested a name change for my blog so that it is clearly an ART BLOG.  What do you think about the new name?  (The old

Words in the Wilderness

I have decided to make this post verbal.  Normally I include my own artwork to illustrate my words, but this time, I think I’ll let your inner eye fill in the visuals.  I will do my best to allow your imagination enough details to be able to paint the pictures.  I just