Building Up the Crowd on the Panel and in the Room

  Laughter. Tears of joy. Frustration. Problem-solving. Messiness. Wonderment. Amazement. Satisfaction. Sore feet. Mental fuzziness. Happy glow. These are part of the character of a weekend-long mosaic marathon. For those of you who don’t know, I have spent two years
Texas Conference of Churches-

On the Road Again

Last Friday night, we took the first of six panels of “The Feeding of the 5000” mosaic ‘out on the road’, as I call it when we take pieces or whole panels outside the church mosaic room. Yep, that’s me, Lynn Bridge, in the center of the photo, hands

Private Lessons versus Classes

Since I have gone into the private lesson business (mosaic, drawing) instead of the business of teaching classes, I thought I’d explain some differences for you, the student. Really, for the teacher, classes of adults and small classes of children are desirable because the
landscape pastel by Lynn Bridge

Drawing from Experience

I need to share with you a little secret known only to those who study drawing as adults:  drawing lessons drag negative feelings out of your unaware-ness into the sunlight of your consciousness.  This is very disconcerting and discouraging for those who walk into drawing lessons

Here and There

Update on Shipping Spiky Things, which I posted several months ago:  The spiky portraits arrived safely back at my studio in Texas from the show in Illinois with not a glass shard broken!  Across the country, being uncrated and shown, being re-crated, and shipped, all without

Yep, Seeing Others Succeed is Still Motivating

Over lunch I was looking at “most-e-mailed articles” on my New York Times app, and ran across this little gem about how motivating it is to help others.  Rather than a doctor’s office sign that says “Washing hands keeps you from getting sick”, a

The Cut-ups Get Trained

Our church in Austin, University Presbyterian, is embarking on a 7 foot-by-19 foot mosaic project for an indoor wall.  This has been a dream in my head for years, and now it is happening.  A group of volunteers who are beginners at mosaic have been coming to my studio week after

Teaching Art

Not only am I having my first experiences teaching adults, but I’m also brand-new to teaching art. I have had decades to practice art, to experience being a student, and to think about the many subjects within the category ‘art’, but teaching is a novelty for

Teaching, Part B

To entitle sequential posts ‘Part A’ and ‘Part B’ sounds like I’m mixing epoxy, but I’m not.  I am gluing together my thoughts about the art and science of teaching, in the hope that you will share your experiences as a teacher, or your

Teaching, Part A

I spent ten happy hours this holiday weekend teaching four adults in a beginning mosaic class at Glencliff Art Studio.  I’ve spent countless hours in the classroom with 11 to 18-year-olds, but until now, zero hours teaching adults. Here are my preliminary observations- see