Living the Tadpole Stage

As some of you know, Glencliff Studio has moved down the road 18 miles to Dripping Springs, Texas. The home and studio are on several acres of lovely Texas Hill Country.  But, this move is taking a l-o-n-g time! Moving day was a month ago and we are still winnowing two

Hand-made Gifts

In my post, Environment vs. The Environment, ‘hand-made gifts’ is #3 on my short list of things that feed our inner beings.  I am going to give you a personal example of a hand-made gift that is priceless to me. The Owl’s Beauty Secret (two sides) by Christine

Seeing a City

I had an interested and interesting response on my post, Environment vs. The Environment, from my daughter’s friend who is a highly-trained professional violinist and violist.  She saw my post through a link on Facebook and wrote her comment there. (I get the majority of
mosaic portrait of a woman by Lynn Bridge

A Little Far Afield, Don’t You Think?

After hitting the ‘publish’ button on yesterday’s post, I had second thoughts, FEARS, really, that I would offend my Houston friends and relatives, not to mention art collectors in the area. Maybe some of you love Houston enough to love its freeway, tollway, and

Environment vs. The Environment

We drove through Houston yesterday, and drove and drove and drove.  I had plenty of time to consider my surroundings. Houston is on a coastal plain.  Flat, with lazy bayous meandering gulfward, by horseback or by foot the landscape might have been striking for its big sky before