framed mosaic in blues, greens, red by Lynn Bridge

Capturing the Essence

Yesterday’s post about portraiture is a nice segue into today’s activity, which was meeting with a neighbor and fellow artist, Nina Miller, who is a portrait photographer.  She confirmed that she looks for that particular gesture or expression which is so
Mosaic art portrait made from found objects by Lynn Bridge in Austin, Texas

The Gift of Life

With a cliché title like that, this post could be about anything, right?  Blood donation? A pro-life political rally? Gratitude?  Nope.  It’s about portraiture. Next time you are conversing with a friend, observe all that makes that person unique. It’s much more than
glass mosaic art portrait by Lynn Bridge

The Uplift Tribe

Hmmmm…. need to find a place at church to display these.  After all, the models were all gathered for Tuesday morning UPLIFT when I approached each one to model for my pencil and my camera. UPLIFT- University Presbyterians Living In Faith Together.  Need workboots?  We have
Texas Conference of Churches-

On the Road Again

Last Friday night, we took the first of six panels of “The Feeding of the 5000” mosaic ‘out on the road’, as I call it when we take pieces or whole panels outside the church mosaic room. Yep, that’s me, Lynn Bridge, in the center of the photo, hands
Mosaic mural work-in-progress made by members and friends of University Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas

“The Feeding on the 5000” Mosaic-in-Progress Story at Friday Event

  The Texas Conference of Churches is hosting its annual Celebration of Faith and Arts tomorrow, Friday, February 7th, 2014, from 7 – 10 pm at University Presbyterian Church! Join us for an evening of live music and a gallery of work by local Austin artists! Admission

Hand-made Gifts

In my post, Environment vs. The Environment, ‘hand-made gifts’ is #3 on my short list of things that feed our inner beings.  I am going to give you a personal example of a hand-made gift that is priceless to me. The Owl’s Beauty Secret (two sides) by Christine

Mosaic Artist’s Trading Tile

I am a proud member of the Austin Mosaic Guild, and in the fall, we had this wonderful event I want to share with you. Each artist who wanted to participate bought a pre-packed bag of tesserae and a 4″ square board (an in-house fundraiser you know) and made a mosaic to

What Do You See When You Look at a Wall?

A wall.  A looooong, blank, cement wall. My current art commission clients looked at the plans for their new retaining wall and they saw it covered in mosaic.  LUCKY ME!  They bestowed the design-and-creation job on me. When they saw their wall in their minds’-eyes, they
mosaic art portrait by Lynn Bridge

Mosaic Portraits

I have shown you some of my mosaic portraits before, but I have three new ones to post. Jamal Copyright Lynn Bridge  Allow me to introduce you to Jamal, a 3-dimensional mosaic about 10″ x 10″ x 4″, that hangs on a wall.  I made the face using black powdered
Mosaic art table made by Lynn Bridge

Planet Table Ready to Ship

Planet-themed table top by Lynn Bridge After my spouse built the sturdy, hollow-topped coffee table, I planned the mosaic finish.  In 2 feet by 4 feet, I wanted to give a flavor of vast space, not to mention, exciting color. Several times, in a darkened room, I set up balls of