3 family members in a canoe- Lynn Bridge, mosaic artist

Cat Portrait Commissions

Before I get into my main theme, I will take a little watery detour to nearby Barton Creek.  Our eldest and her baby came for a visit in June, and here is the family in a rental canoe on a beautiful summer day.  I was running along the bank, keeping up with Bob’s paddling,
Mosaic art portrait made from found objects by Lynn Bridge in Austin, Texas

The Gift of Life

With a cliché title like that, this post could be about anything, right?  Blood donation? A pro-life political rally? Gratitude?  Nope.  It’s about portraiture. Next time you are conversing with a friend, observe all that makes that person unique. It’s much more than

Mosaic Artist’s Trading Tile

I am a proud member of the Austin Mosaic Guild, and in the fall, we had this wonderful event I want to share with you. Each artist who wanted to participate bought a pre-packed bag of tesserae and a 4″ square board (an in-house fundraiser you know) and made a mosaic to
mosaic art portrait by Lynn Bridge

Mosaic Portraits

I have shown you some of my mosaic portraits before, but I have three new ones to post. Jamal Copyright Lynn Bridge  Allow me to introduce you to Jamal, a 3-dimensional mosaic about 10″ x 10″ x 4″, that hangs on a wall.  I made the face using black powdered
Mosaic art table made by Lynn Bridge

Planet Table Ready to Ship

Planet-themed table top by Lynn Bridge After my spouse built the sturdy, hollow-topped coffee table, I planned the mosaic finish.  In 2 feet by 4 feet, I wanted to give a flavor of vast space, not to mention, exciting color. Several times, in a darkened room, I set up balls of
mosaic fine art sculpture in progress by Lynn Bridge

It Might Be Time to Panic

Mad Bed – a work in progress about 24″ x 24″ x 8″ I started this sculpture two years ago in a workshop taught by Sherri Warner Hunter.  She is a master at sculpture based on closed-cell Styrofoam covered with fiberglass mesh and cement. Arriving at the

Teaching Art

Not only am I having my first experiences teaching adults, but I’m also brand-new to teaching art. I have had decades to practice art, to experience being a student, and to think about the many subjects within the category ‘art’, but teaching is a novelty for

Teaching, Part B

To entitle sequential posts ‘Part A’ and ‘Part B’ sounds like I’m mixing epoxy, but I’m not.  I am gluing together my thoughts about the art and science of teaching, in the hope that you will share your experiences as a teacher, or your

Teaching, Part A

I spent ten happy hours this holiday weekend teaching four adults in a beginning mosaic class at Glencliff Art Studio.  I’ve spent countless hours in the classroom with 11 to 18-year-olds, but until now, zero hours teaching adults. Here are my preliminary observations- see

“Articulate- the Artist’s Voice” upcoming show at Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, NC

The Food Desert This mosaic will soon hang in Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Here is Ciel’s press release about the show, tailored for my local paper, of course: Lynn Bridge of Austin, TX  has been selected by juror Sonia King for inclusion in articulate : the