coloring the design for the third panel of The Feeding of the 5000, designed by Lynn Bridge

Color On…. Together!

This post is re-blogged from another blog I write, New Life from Shards, about the creation of a community-built mosaic mural at University Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. Byron and Bob hung the first mosaic panel in the Great Hall today!   Byron and Bob hang Panel 1
Coloring the design for the third panel of The Feeding of the 5000, designed by Lynn Bridge

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

This post has been re-blogged from New Life from Shards, the story of the creation of a large mosaic, “The Feeding of the 5000” March 8, 2014 Rain and chill were happening outside Micah 6 Food Pantry on Saturday morning, but inside, there were lots of kids on spring
landscape pastel by Lynn Bridge

Drawing from Experience

I need to share with you a little secret known only to those who study drawing as adults:  drawing lessons drag negative feelings out of your unaware-ness into the sunlight of your consciousness.  This is very disconcerting and discouraging for those who walk into drawing lessons

Creative Juice

When you mention to me that you like to stay scheduled and busy, not have any free time on your hands, I will admit that the question passes through my mind, “Why do you not want to spend any time with yourself?” You see, in my world, spending time alone and

Here and There

Update on Shipping Spiky Things, which I posted several months ago:  The spiky portraits arrived safely back at my studio in Texas from the show in Illinois with not a glass shard broken!  Across the country, being uncrated and shown, being re-crated, and shipped, all without

Two url’s You’ll Want to Visit

In addition to working on the mosaic planet table (which is still not completed!), I design and work on, a large mosaic for our church building, supervising and training a host of people as we go.  The blog on this topic is New Life from Shards: the making of  “The Feeding

The Drawn Figure

My days at the CIVA conference were a banquet at an overflowing table. The first day was a figure drawing workshop with Ed Knippers.  One female model in the morning, a male model in the afternoon.  During breaks, I asked each about their experiences as professional models.  This
pastel monochrome self-portrait sketch by Lynn Bridge

Everything at Once

Self-portrait Here is what I look like today (if I were in a monochrome world).  I did this sketch of myself looking into the mirror.  I did not spend much time on it, because I have a lot of tasks left in this day, but it captures me well enough. Since the last time I posted,


[slideshow] More glass shards, more kiln time, more mortar, more faces.  These are the faces you have seen before, either on this blog, or at my home studio, and they are starting to multiply. My kiln is running every day now that the West Austin Studio Tour is over. I am using

One Hundred Percent

The Hole in Barton Creek Acrylic painting by Lynn Bridge 12″ x 12″ It’s April- it must be time for the annual George Washington Carver Museum  100% Exhibit and Fundraiser. Opening night is April 26, 2012, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m., and the last day of the exhibit